We take responsibility for the things that mean the most to you.

We at Nannyakuten are driven by a tremendous will and determination to simplify and improve everyday life for families.

Our services are suited specifically to satisfy families with children. We’ll find the answers and Solutions to problems without replacing them with new ones and we place our clients and Children First.

Our nannies

All of our nannies have undergone in-house training, CPR and first aid. They are also highly experienced in caring for children. Relevant references are supplied upon request.

Our Services

Preschool Pickup - Nanny Emergency - Senior Nanny – Language Study Nanny – Hotel Nanny – Activity Nanny

Prices & Conditions

From 186 SEK / hour incl. tax and VAT and without complicated pricing model or registration fee

Special offers

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    Our quest for the perfect match

    We at Nannyakuten want you to feel safe and secure with the one caring for your children and that you always get the right help from the company. We strive to give you a customer in your children’s full focus.

    Nannyakuten does not only focus on you and your needs as a customer but also on our nannies. We put special effort into finding the right nanny for your family. We are only satisfied with the perfect match.


    Your children should feel secure with your babysitter.

    It is important for us that children feel secure and comfortable with the nanny at all times.

    It’s also important that parents are able to trust Nannyakuten and our nannies with their children. This is why we believe in the mutual selection.

    Every child should be happy to see our nanny whether they are being picked up from preschool or during dinner, time together and even at nights.

    We are very careful to only offer reliable and trustworthy nannies. We have a thorough selection process to find the right nanny. All our staff are systematically registered, insured and internally/continuously trained.


    We are always close to you

    We, as a company, should always be available to you whenever you have the need to have a nanny. We are close to you and easy to reach.

    We always try to find a nanny who lives or studies within the vicinity of your home but we also want our nannies to come close to you as a family, to be able to develop all the key aspects of reliability and security.

    How does it work?

    The selection process begins right from the time a request is made. We have a team of specialists that ensure to satisfy your need for help with the children through a careful and effective process.

    The following explains how the process works from the start when you show interest till the family gets a nanny.


    Once you find the Nannyakuten website and are interested in any of the services, click the ” Book Nanny ” and fill out the form as detailed as possible.
    Do you know your exact needs? You may click on the highlighted message “Want to provide more information? Click here” and add a more detailed inquiry.


    When you have completed the form, click on Submit and your application will be processed instantly by one of our staff.

    Case Management

    Once we receive your application, one of our staff will begin processing your request to find suitable candidates for an interview.

    You will then receive a confirmation by phone or email that the process has begun.


    When the staff in charge of your file has found one or more candidates, interviews will be scheduled.

    The interviews with selected nannies will take place in your home. We recommend at this time that you ask all necessary questions and go through the profile that the nanny provides. The interviews are meant to set off a bonding process for the family and the nanny.


    After the interviews, we follow up with you on how it went. We will ask if you are satisfied with any of the candidates. If you’re not, we arrange other interviews and present other candidates until we have a perfect match.


    The selected nanny will from this point and on, communicate with you directly about your future needs and develop a schedule.
    You can specify if you would need your nanny to come in at regular intervals or upon request. You can of course call your nanny spontaneously to check their availability if you haven’t pre-booked and you need them urgently.


    For every booking that you make, our nannies enter their time report in our time log. We will send you invoices based on logged hours. Invoices are sent monthly via post or email. You will only be sent invoices for the months that you hire our services.

    Bills can be sent via mail or email.


    Our customers are invoiced monthly and payment must be made within 20 days. If you want to avoid an invoice fee, you can choose to receive your invoices via email.

    Customer feedback

    Apart from the available customer service numbers, a staff member of ours would call the family to follow up on the bonding progress between the family and the nanny. We also ask our clients to give their opinion about our services on reco.se

    Leave your details with us

    You can read reviews of Nannyakuten services at Reco.se.

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      Read our integrity policy

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      Det bästa är att veta vad man letar efter innan man början leta efter det ― Nalle Puh – A.A. Milne

      Our Nannies

      Most of our nannies are high school and university students between the ages of 16 and 25 years. They either have previous experience as nannies, au pair or have worked in childcare. We have child specialists who are between the ages of 25 and above. We also have senior nannies who are older than 30 years with great work and life experiences.

      All of our nannies are of a high professional standard and are trained to focus on providing a safe, secure, and playful atmosphere for your children.

      To ensure our high quality service, all applicants pass through our own special rigorous recruitment process that consists of Interviews, background checks, police excerpts and references. Right after they are hired, they undergo our internal training and training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation ( CPR ) and of course first aid for children.

      Nannyakuten services

      We are currently present in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Helsingborg, Uppsala, Kalmar, Örebro, Linköping, Nyköping, Norrköping, Karlstad, Söderhamn, Lund, Jönköping, Västerås, Mölndal and probably where you have your needs.

      Nanny Language

      In Nannyakuten, we have nannies who speak different native languages, such as :

      • English
      • Finnish
      • Spanish
      • French
      • Italian
      • Mandarin

      Do you have other requests? Please let us know and we will see to it that you get your desired language.

      Preschool/School pick-up

      The nanny will pick your child/children up from preschool/school at the time that you have specified and then take them either home or for an activity (this depends on pre-instructions by the parents).

      The nanny stays at home with your child/children until you return.

      This service can be used on a regular basis (with the same nanny) or occasionally. The service is tailored to your requirements such as light cooking, activities or putting the children in bed for the night.

      Days / evenings / weekends

      This service is for those who need their children taken care of in the home. The nanny comes to your home at a specified time.

      The service can be used on a regular basis (with the same nanny) or occasionally. The service is tailored to your requirements such as light cooking, activities or putting the children in bed for the night.

      Nanny Emergency *

      We get many calls from those who need nannies sent to them right away. If you fall in this category, know that we are very capable of attending to your request or needs. We try our possible best to see that you have an experienced nanny as soon as possible.

      This service is not for sick children (see Nanny for the sick) .

      Hotel Nanny *

      Have you booked a hotel in Sweden? Do you need someone to watch your kids while you are away? Nannyakuten works in collaboration with hotels in major Sweden cities.

      Please feel free to contact us or ask the receptionist to contact us at info@nannyakuten.se.

      Nanny Wedding / Party

      Nannyakuten has extensive experience in childcare for events such as large parties and weddings.

      We usually send one or many experienced nannies, depending on your needs and desires.


      • Maximum of 4 children per nanny
      • Children under 3 years of age count as 2 children

      The customer pays for food and possibly shelter. Travel Supplement may apply.

      These services are our express services and our nannies ensure that our customers receive quality and secure services.

      Nannyakuten  prices and conditions


      Below prices include VAT and RUT deduction. RUT deduction are available for Swedish tax payers (with a Swedish personal identity number). Prices subject to change.

      Price list

      Category Standard

      (Age 16-17)

      Category Extended

      (Age 18 and older)


      186 SEK

      186 SEK + addition*


      0 – 19 hours/month

      177 SEK

      177 SEK + addition*


      20 – 39 hours/month

      167 SEK

      167 SEK + addition*

      40 hours+/month

      158 SEK

      158 SEK + addition*

      Full time

      149 SEK

      149 SEK + addition*

      The prices are after tax deduction and including VAT, if you cannot use the deduction the price is doubled.


      * The price supplement is determined by the candidate’s salary claim. 1 SEK / hour supplement on the standard salary konverts to 1 SEK / hour in addition in price after RUT. This arrangement is designed to maximize the amount of candidates with qualified profiles. The addition is usually within the interval 10-30 SEK / hour after RUT.
      ** The family and the babysitter make their own schedule. No suspension time for either part.
      *** A fixed rate of hours per month according to an agreement. 1 month mutual suspension time.


      Babysitting for single occasions, minimum 4 hours/sessions. Cancellation fee at 500SEK. We do not help you if you are staying at a hotel or a similar place. We are usually not able to help you with these kinds of assignments during January, July, August and September.

      You can find further information regarding the RUT deduction here and at Skatteverket


      Messamigos AB offers our child care services by the trademark Nannyakuten.

      The following conditions refers to the company Messamigos AB – Nannyakuten but are refered to as Nannyakuten.


      Tjänsten innebär att en barnpassare anställd av Nannyakuten utför barnpassning i hemmet eller i anslutning till hemmet. Nannyakuten betalar skatt och sociala avgifter för barnpassaren. Företaget har ansvarsförsäkring för olyckor och skador i hemmet hos Trygg Hansa och anställda har arbetsskadeförsäkring via FORA. Nannyakuten innehar F-skattsedel och betalar mervärdesskatt för tjänsten.


      Tjänsten räknas som hushållsnära tjänst och är därför avdragsgiltig för klienten. Skatteavdraget görs direkt vid köp och klienten betalar 50% av summan inkl. moms till Nannyakuten. Att kunna använda Nannyakutens tjänster med skatteavdrag kan göras inom ramen för klientens gräns för skatteavdrag vilket är 25 000 kr per person och år.


      Observera: om tjänsten inte utgår från hemmet så går det inte att nyttja rut-avdraget! Detta gäller vanligtvis våra hotell och eventtjänster.


      För frågor och svar kring RUT-avdrag se information hos Skatteverket


      Minimum 2 timmar/bokning för regelbunden hjälp.


      Minimum 3 timmar/bokning på de övriga tjänsterna som Akut (inom 48 h), VAB, Engångsuppdrag och Hotell.


      Det är inget krav på antalet bokningar, men fördelaktigt om ni är tydliga med hur ofta ni behöver hjälp gentemot barnpassaren. Har man en regelbunden nanny och hör av sig till denne inom 48 timmar gäller inte akutregeln samt heller inte när kontoret fixar en ersättare för den ordinarie nannyn vid sjukdom eller semester.


      Anställda hos Nannyakuten har ingått ett sekretessavtal för att skydda klientens integritet mot utomstående. Allmänna uppgifter skyddas av PUL.


      Nannyakuten fakturerar klienten månadsvis med underlag som inkommit från den anställdes tidrapport. Detta underlag specificeras i fakturan. Fakturan skall betalas inom 15 dagar netto. Om beloppet överstiger gränsen för skatteavdrag för hushållsnära tjänster (25 000 kr/person och år) har Nannyakuten rätt att fakturera fullt pris för tjänsten.


      Övriga tjänster betalas via paypal, swish eller faktura i förskott.


      Tiden för utnyttjande av tjänsten avrundas uppåt till närmsta halvtimme.


      Avtalet mellan Nannyakuten och klient gäller tillsvidare och kan avslutas av båda parter.  Är klienten missnöjd med barnpassaren/nannyn ersätter Nannyakuten denne mot en annan med ambitionen att alltid ha en perfekt match.


      Reseersättning för kunden kan tillkomma vid pass som avslutas mellan klockan 01.00 – 05.00 för att barnpassaren ska ha möjlighet att ta sig hem med taxi under nattetid då kollektivtrafiken är reducerad. Detta gäller också om kunden kräver körkort och egen bil gentemot nannyn och i övrigt när avståndet/uppdraget kräver det.


      Bokning vid regelbunden barnpassning görs direkt med nannyn efter matchning. Nannyn börjar tidsrapportera från att denne öppnar dörren till förskolan/hemmet till att hon stänger dörren vid avslutat pass. Riktlinjen är inbokad tid.


      När det kommer till bokning av våra övriga tjänster är det kontakt med kontoret och förskottsbetalning av bestämd tid. Inbokad tid debiteras fullt ut oavsett om man kommer tillbaka/avslutas tidigare. Vid förlängd tid ska nannyn godkänna det och kontoret ska kontaktas av kund.


      Avbokningar vid regelbunden barnpassning skall göras senast 24 timmar innan bokat tillfälle. Om avbokning sker senare så debiterar vi hela den inbokade tiden. Inget undantag görs vid sjukdom. Denna avbokningsregel har vi för att våra Nannies ska få sin garantilön.


      Avbokningar vid engångsuppdrag skall göras senast 48 timmar timmar innan bokat tillfälle (faktura betald och nannyn bekräftat bokningen). Om avbokning sker senare så så görs ingen återbetalning och hela passet debiteras. Inget undantag görs vid sjukdom. Denna avbokningsregel har vi för att nannyn har bokat in sig på passet och ska få sin garantilön.


      Trettondedag jul, Långfredagen, påskafton, påskdagen, annandag påsk, valborgsmässoafton, Kristi himmelsfärdsdag, Sveriges nationaldag, midsommarafton, midsommardagen, Alla helgons dag, julafton, juldagen, annandag jul, nyårsafton och nyårsdagen.