About Us

About us

Nannyakuten is one of the leading and oldest childcare services in Sweden. The company was founded in 1995 and has since 2009 offered child care services under the name Nannyakuten.

The company is well established and is nationwide with over 300 employees and nannies. We recruit highly qualified nannies and have a wide variety of offers to meet all customers’ different needs.

Our customers are families with children that are in need of reliable people to help them make their everyday lives easier. Nannyakuten constantly works to further develop and improve services that will meet our customer’s needs. We are one of the few companies that have the resources to offer nanny services in the major cities upon request and within the duration of an hour. In addition to all residential customers, we have agreements and partnership with many hotels, large corporations and major institutions within the state and municipalities.

We at Nannyakuten fully understand that each family has unique needs and desires. Therefore, we engage a bit more than others and tailor our services to suit our customer’s needs.

We have 4 professionals in the office and hundreds of nannies who are ready to go the extra mile to make everyday life much easier.

    • We’ve been around since 2009
    • Hundreds of Nannies
    • Available in all over Sweden
    • Always near you!

Vision and Mission

Nannyakuten’s vision is to always provide the best services for families with children by always being available and efficient enough to improve the quality of living and relationships within families.

Nannyakuten’s mission is to offer the best service for children and parents through direct contact or through employers and institutions.

Always Near You!

Nannyakuten’s motto is “Always near you!”. This describes our efforts to always respond and cater to your needs as quickly and easily as possible. Focus – Our quest for the perfect match

Focus – Our quest for the perfect match

Nannyakuten does not only focus on customers and their needs but also our nannies. It is of great importance to us that we find a nanny that you and your children are comfortable with.

Children – It is of great importance to us to see that children are happy, secure and safe with a nanny. Therefore, we are very careful to offer only reliable and trustworthy care givers. We have a thorough selection process to find the right nanny.

All our staffs are register controlled, have comprehensive insurance and are trained internally.

Within reach – We’ll always be close by. We always strive to find our customers nannies that live or study within the vicinity of their homes.

Our team at Nannyakuten


Lisa Ström /

Consultant Manager


Nike Rietz /

Teamleader / Consultant Manager


Malin Fehrman /

Operations officer


Freja Senke /

Finance Manager

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Filippa Senke /



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