Become A Nanny

Do you love to take care of children?

Work for us!

Nannyakuten offers you a fun and rewarding extra job where you have control over how much you are willing and able to work. The services with us vary and they range between part-time to full-time jobs. The most common is daycare/preschool/middleschool pickup for a couple of times a week. We also have families who need help during the daytime and on weekends. Furthermore, we have nanny jobs at weddings, hotel and Events.

When you become an employee, we offer our high valued in-house training and first aid training because safety is most important to us.

All our nannies are insured and we provide them the necessary support or help when needed.

Right after you have scaled through the necessary processes, you then become part of our team of competent, confident and professional Nannies.

Do you want to work with us as a nanny? Click the link below