Veckans NannyStar – Brandon från Farsta

Veckans NannyStar – Brandon från Farsta

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Denna veckas NannyStar är vår duktiga engelsktalande barnvakt Brandon från Stockholm. Han är 27 år och utöver sitt jobb som barnvakt jobbar som hiphop artist och poet. Både vi på kontoret och familjen är mycket glada att ha med oss Brandon här på Nannyakuten och har därför utsett honom till vår NannyStar!


Nedan kan du läsa intervjun med veckans NannyStar Brandon:


What is your occupation besides being a nanny?


I am a hip hop artist and poet, releasing music under the name ’Petravita’.  I also work as a freelance voiceover artist and voice actor!


What was it that made you want to apply as a nanny at Nannyakuten?


When I started looking for extra work, I wanted something that would get me out of the apartment and meeting people regularly, as well as a feeling that I’d be providing a service that was genuinely needed and appreciated by the client. Working as a nanny seemed like a natural fit to fulfill these goals and to have some fun at the same time!


Before you started to work with your family you got to meet them at their home. How did you feel before the meeting, and how did you feel afterwards? 


While I’d watched children for friends and family before, this was the first time I’d really work ”professionally” in the field, so I was a little nervous about how my experience and confidence/demeanor might compare with other nannies the family had had in the past, which made me a little nervous.  The family was extremely kind, however, and the kids I’d be watching were fun to be around from the very start, so I felt much more comfortable, confident, and certain after the meeting.


What’s it like to work at Nannyakuten and how does a typical day look like for you?


Working at Nannyakuten has been a really smooth, enjoyable process so far.  I’ve felt like I’ve learned a lot on the job already, both in terms of general habits for being a good nanny and also specific things that work well or don’t work well with the children I’m caring for.  On a typical day, I’ll pick up each of the two boys I’m watching from their respective classrooms, and we generally spend some time on the playground or swing set at the school before walking home.  At the family’s home, first steps are getting hands washed and changing any clothes that might be dirty from school, before I start on cooking dinner. After dinner it’s a variety of games and activities until one of their parents returns home from work, and then I take off!  For me, each afternoon/evening I’m working is about a three hour commitment in total.


How is the communication between you as an employee and Nannyakuten as an employer?


The communication between Nannyakuten and I has been simple, positive, and consistent!  It’s been easy to reach out when in need of more information, and my contact has done a great job of informing me of how the family feels about my work, how I’m performing, etc.!


What is the most fun part with your job as a nanny?


The most fun part of my work as a nanny is getting to, in many ways, be a kid again!  Playing games and watching the children learn, grow, and ask questions is rewarding and fun every day. 


What are the challenges with your job as a nanny? 


In any role like this, you’re not a parent, but you’re also not simply a ”friend” to the kids you’re watching, so sometimes a challenge arises when you need to enforce rules, or in other cases let something go, in order to properly strike that balance as a caregiver.


Your best tips for becoming a popular nanny?


Always come to work with a smile, both for yourself and for the children.  Remember that just like any job, customers recognize when you go above and beyond, so if you have ideas for fun activities you can plan on the job, or you share a memorable story from your own childhood that makes the kids laugh, learn, or think, that can be a memorable moment for all involved and set you apart!  Also, find out each child’s favorite (and safe) snack, so that you can buy a small package of each and keep them in whatever bag or backpack you normally have with you, that way if you decide to play outside longer than usual, or dinner is a little later than normal, you have an easy way to give the kids something you know they’ll like and will keep them from getting too hungry — for me, that means keeping cashews and raisins on hand, always!